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(TV) Adventure reissue comments

Tom's voice seems more present on "Glory," which is nice. But that may again be the result of these headphones having a weird curve rather than any actual quality of the remastering. Hey, wait, where's the crackle at the fade? On "Days," unfortunately, Fred's bass isn't quite as prominent as on the _MM_ tracks; this may have been the mix. Weird comb-filtering on Tom's double-tracked voice, probably the result of recording him through the same mic each time, and I just never listened closely enough to notice. (Also my vinyl copy was used; see http://www.obbard.com/tvlist-archive/0102/msg00372.html) The rest of the tracks find me wavering back and forth on whether this or that is as present as I remember on the vinyl, and I'd probably drive us all nuts with the details. It's really damn close, though. (I'm going back and forth on whether this is fine, or if I'd like more high end, although the high end on "Ain't That Nothin'" is pretty strong.)

I should also say that I'm completely knocked out by "The Fire" all over again, and "The Dream's Dream" is *definitely* the song that put the deepest hook in me when I first heard this album. (But toward the climax, there's a cymbal pan that sounds like a tape dropout to me.) Still, it's time _Adventure_ got the respect it deserves.


Adventure: Turns out that this one *is* the one on the leaked Adventure outtakes, but the sound on the reissue is so much better that I've had to open both files and A/B them to convince myself. I think the boot may be a touch slower, as the sync drifts pretty quickly when I play them simultaneously. It's really much better than I remember, actually.

Ain't That Nothin' (single): The liner notes quote Tom recalling the differences between this and the LP version, and it seems about right. I remember the vinyl 7" being hotter (thanks, Leo!)

Glory (early version): This is the well-known porno version from the leaked Adventure outtakes. But again, the sound is a couple orders of magnitude better here. Richard's backing vocal sounds waaaay rough here.

Ain't That Nothin' (run-through): Similar to the instrumental ones on the leaked boot, but a lot longer--9:47. As with the boot instrumentals, it's slower than the final...but whoa, the bridge is very different, with choppy fuzzed chords! Interesting! The chiming guitar break is a bit different, and the chordal playing after it is different from the final (but similar to the run-throughs on the boot). The rhythm playing catches fire around five or so minutes in, the choppy chordal playing returns...and then we get some sparser playing around with the groove. It's great to be able to hear this. Billy starts opening up the groove, and...an abrupt stop. Sounds like the tape ran out.

Annoying fanboy complaint: If the instrumental version of "O Mi Amore" can be released on the MM reissue, why can't the astonishingly poppy "Up All Night" instrumental be included here? And did it ever have lyrics? In a more deserving world, it could have been a hit, I tell you.
Maurice Rickard
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