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Re: (TV) More notes on reissues (MM)

Yep. My only (*extraordinarily* picky, I admit) comment is that the rattle of
the snare and hum of equipment audible for 1-2 seconds before "Little Johnny
Jewel" starts on the 1979 Ork 12" hasn't been included on the new MM CD.
Overall, though, "Little Johnny Jewel" is a huge jump in sound quality over
existing CD sources (all of which were derived from the Ork 12" - like the one
on DOUBLE EXPOSURE). Fred Smith's bass has never sounded better.

More comments to come...


--- Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com> wrote:
> Oh: I forgot to mention that LJJ does *not* have a fade in the 
> middle; it's the complete thing.  And it's not from vinyl, although 
> you can hear the weird load on the pickups from the impedance 
> mismatch, and some hum.  Probably the clearest I've ever heard it.

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