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RE: (TV) LIVE AT THE OLD WALDORF is now on rhinohandmade.com

--- eRacerX <eracerx@adelphia.net> wrote:
> hmmmm...20 bucks, 9 tracks..I hope it is a GREAT recording,

The online samples sound great, particularly when you consider that they're
only lo-fi QuickTime files. 

All of Rhino Handmade's releases run about $20, which I think is fair, given
that these aren't exactly big money-makers. I'm even surprised they did a run
of 5000 for this release (they've done as few as 1000 for some things). I'm
also glad my years of harassing them to do a Television release have finally
paid off. And when you consider what a bootleg costs... $20 doesn't seem too
bad. Plus, maybe for a change the band will see some $ from this release.

Coincidentally, my one and only fan letter to Television (sent in 1994 to John
Tefler's office) suggested that the Old Waldorf show would make a great
official release. I didn't think they've take me up on it 9 years later.

I ordered two copies - one for me, one as a gift. I am thrilled to finally see
a professional-quality live recording of Television from their peak. I couldn't
be happier to give Rhino my money this week.


> The recording I really want is 'live at the 9:30 3-24-2003' - was there ever
> a vine for that one?

Wrong list. :^)


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