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Re: (TV) Where Did the Vanity Fair Boot Come From?.

Hi Leo,

Maybe I shouldn't say, but several people know anyway. I'm the source 
for the circulating recording. A friend of mine was friends with Mark 
Wallis, the engineer at the sessions. He got the tape for me.

Someone asked a week or so ago about 'The Miller's Tale' live 
recording. Most of the info is in the MM archives. I don't remember 
Verlaine giving carte-blanche with regard to the live recording. As far 
as I recall it was the one live gig Virgin had in their archives. They 
owned The Venue. Clinton Heylin was given the power to decide which 
tracks appeared on the disc by Virgin. Three or four were left off. 
Heylin has a DAT of the complete show. 


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