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(TV) Cecil Taylor at NYU & on the Web, 4 p.m. October 1O, 'O4

for all the rest of you, who live in new york, you've
got a chance to see cecil taylor coming up.  i'll have
to be content with ornette here next month.


> Cecil Taylor to Star in NYU Jazz Masterclass Series
> Webcast
> NEW YORK - The New York University Jazz Masterclass
> Series live webcast
> premiers 4 p.m., October 10 and will feature pianist
> Cecil Taylor at the
> Center for Jewish History, 15 W. 16th St., New York
> City. Taylor will be in
> a solo performance setting as he critiques a variety
> of student performers.
> The students will be asked to research Taylor and
> will be assembled for
> questioning prior to the masterclass in a round
> table discussion. They will
> also be interviewed after the masterclass to share
> any insights they may
> have learned.  Log on to www.artistshousemusic.com 
> or www.cjh.org  to view
> the webcast on Sunday.
> The NYU Jazz Masterclass Series was created eight
> years ago to nurture a
> relationship between aspiring jazz performers at NYU
> and the most
> significant jazz artists willing to participate. The
> series not only
> documents and preserves the greatest jazz artists of
> our time, but also
> captures them in the process of teaching their
> craft, helping viewers to
> better understand their process of improvised music.
> Only through the
> resources of New York City, can a masterclass claim
> the significance and
> depth of the jazz artists that NYU intends to
> capture on camera.
> "Until now, the success of this series could only be
> measured by observing
> such interaction within the intimate setting of the
> masterclass series
> offered at NYU," said series co-producer Dr. David
> Schroeder. "With the
> expansion of the scope of this project through the
> partnership with our
> co-producer John Snyder, President of the Artist9s
> House Foundation, we
> intend to bring the NYU Jazz Masterclass Series
> Webcast to the world stage."
> The jazz faculty at NYU includes some of the most
> significant jazz artists
> in the world such as guitarist John Scofield,
> saxophonist Chris Potter,
> pianist Kenny Werner, drummer Bill Hart, trombonist
> Robin Eubanks, and 35
> other world-renowned artists/faculty.
> "By combining these artists with the greatest living
> jazz legends scheduled
> for the masterclass series including Cecil Taylor,
> Hank Jones and Clark
> Terry, we have the opportunity to share our
> experiences with the world,"
> Schroeder said. "Capturing this interaction is our
> mission for the future of
> jazz education, distance learning and the the
> preservation of great
> performances in jazz music. We hope that you will
> join us."
> This series is made possible through the generous
> support from the Center
> for Jewish History, the Artist9s House Foundation,
> and the NYU Jazz Studies
> Program at Steinhardt. Admission is free to anyone
> who wishes to attend the
> event in person.

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