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RE: (TV) The Halal File / Envious Compleatist

> Now I feel somewhat robbed. Not that it was too expensive, but it wasn't

>quite what I'd expected or hoped for. Although some expressed envy from you

>completists will make me feel a bit happier.

If it's any consolation , I'm envious---I've got everything except your
Koether/Verlaine 'thing';

"The 62" (from Guitar Speak 3 compilation);"Only" (from the Elysian Fields
Soundtrack); the Tom

Verlaine Special Promotional Preview Edition - Flash Light LP; and the 7" UK
45 rpm of "Always"

(Alternative Version)// "The Blue Robe" (Alternative Version)

>but perhaps some background playing to some of his fiancie's painting

Are you saying Koether was Verlaines fianci?  I heard from a source that
she wasnt even his

girlfriend at any point.

>"Jutta Koether feat

Is the word feat used in a context of  a great achievement or exploit? Or
is this a rough translation/idiom? (Maybe it was a feat for her to
convince TV to appear?)


PS:  If anyone has any of the above items contact me off list for my trade
list (it also includes my non-Television/Verlaine stuff)
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