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Re: (TV) richardlloyd.com problems

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004 17:51:05 -0400
Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com> wrote:
> There is definitely something afoot with DNS.  Working on getting it
> fixed immediately.

An update: the registrar of richardlloyd.com (register.com) had an
address for my DNS server which was its address 4 years and 2 hosting
sites ago!  I've got _no_ idea how that happened, but I've sent an email
to the owner of the domain to have it fixed ASAP.

I also think I've found out where the qp crap is coming from.  A year
or so back, I was using dns.secondary.org as the secondary DNS service.
They started running into some serious problems amd I dropped them.
A quick nslookup shows that www.secondary.org == qp.org, so somehow
something out there on the 'net is seriously farking up DNS.

Once the info at register.com is updated, all should be well again.
In the meantime, the site can be reached at http://zappa.brainiac.com/lloyd

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant - jh@brainiac.com
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa
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