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Re: (TV) ashley simpson on snl

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 05:12:03 -0700 (PDT)
robin dunn <rdunnrn@yahoo.com> wrote:

> so you think this blows her shot at the rock and roll
> hall of fame?

I haven't seen this yet (link to a vid clip, anyone?), but my son
told me about it.  I think it ruins pretty much her whole career,
because if she can't fake it, they'll find another pretty face who

Tangentally, my wife had me watch an episode of The Surreal Life, which
puts a bunch of has-beens in a house for a few weeks and watches them
get on each other's nerves.  In this episode, they're supposed to make
a record, and the former NKTOB takes charge of the process, and of course
comes up with some lame 90's pop crap.  Two things made me fall sideways

One was a girl who was an American Idol loser getting pissed off about
the lame pop crap, saying she's a rock singer, and this offends her.
A little late to develop some moral outrage, I think.

The other was said NKTOB, trying to explain his idea for a song by
singing it, interspersed with some talking head shots saying that he
doesn't know the musical terms, as such, but he knows what he wants.
What he was trying to convey was that he wanted a minor chord in a
progression.  Yikes.

What a frikkin' train wreck.  The person I ended up with the most
respect for was Charo, who can still play a mean Spanish guitar.

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