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(TV) Musicals

I more or less agree with everything Emilie and Keith say, however the
subgenre of musicals known as backstage musicals can be somewhat pallatable.
Granted, every time I see Julie Andrews sweep down the Alps singing I have
to wonder where the orchestra is hiding, and singing nuns is usually amusing
if not always grotesque.

However backstage musicals, which set professional singers and dancers
within the confines of performing a musical, such as Cabaret, Singing in the
Rain, 42nd Street still try to maintain some semblance of credibility.  For
that they're mostly watchable.  And Singing in the Rain is one of the top
movies of its decade -- and great decade it was.

Oh, and I feel pretty.

Scott, NYC 

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At 10:55 AM -0700 10/29/04, Phil Obbard wrote:
>Let's keep the political discussion at a minimum

But is it still ok to bash musicals?  If so, I have to side with Emilie and
Keith on that issue.

Feeling a song coming on,
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