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(TV) OT: Surreal TV

BTW, if anyone is interested, an article in the Village Voice on
famous "lip-synching" incidents includes a link to a (20 MB) clip of
PIL on American Bandstand(!) back in 1980. Here's what they write:

March 5, 1980
"What can I expect from this asshole?" That is the question Dick
Clark asks Larry White, then tour manager for PiL, before the band's
scheduled appearance on American Bandstand. When they do go onstage,
John Lydon refuses to mouth the pre-recorded vocals, ending the long
standing Bandstand lip-synch tradition. He then invites audience
members onstage, and infuriates Clark by charging the host's podium.
(Big clip at http://www.robertlindsley.com/video/PILonABS.mov) 

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