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RE: Naive Q / RE: (TV) Dumb guitar tech question

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> How much more difficult is it to play (master) a 12-string 
> Compared to a 6-string? (Less than twice as hard?)

It's similar to a 6 string, as the strings are run in pairs. Instead of
pressing down on 1 string at a time, eaqch fongertip hits 2 strings.

It's definitely harder, but you play it the same way.

> Is Verlaine's guest work on the Luna cd his only 12-string recording?
> Does Fender make a 12-string?  

Fender made a 12 that looks like a strat with a weird headstock. Fender USA
doesn't make it anymore, though you can order one from the custom shop, and
Fender Japan still makes a version.

Fender also made a Coronado 12. The Coronado was Fender's attempt at a
Gibson 335, sort of.

Squier also had a Venus line of guitars which Courtney Love had input on.
There was a Venus 12, which is what I have.

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