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Dumb? / RE: (TV) Hell's Last

Didn't think it was dumb at all--after all it's common knowledge Hell 
couldn't play bass very well back then--I'd guess if anyone has this 
particular recording it should be relatively easy to tell if it's 
Fred or Richard H.

Steve Rovner could probably check this sometime if his tape was not 
one that got destroyed when in storage. 
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soon after posting this i realized how dumb it was. 
sorry!  i have a cold and am not breathing properly...


--- robin dunn <rdunnrn@yahoo.com> wrote:
> maybe steve or
> someone that's heard it can comment on whether the
> band was playing with a competent bassist that night
> (i.e. fred)?  and in any event, did they ever play
> blank gen after hell left?  i would have thought
> not.
> r
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