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Re: (TV) (OT) Top 100 Irish albums

In message <004f01c534b6$d1744f40$db1f90d4@joeslaptop>, Joe Thornton <joe.thornton@gmx.net> writes
Horslips? Wow, Keith, that's a blast from the distant past. They had real talent, but I feel that somehow they didn't find the groove they were seeking, straddling the worlds of rock and folk. So I doubt that any of their albums are worth tracking down, even if there were gems here and there...
"The Book Of Invasions" is definitely worth a listen.

I also think of The Water Boys, who were partly Irish, though more Scottish and English. They fully embraced Irish folk music for some years but they were certainly a great rock band (maybe still are). Of course they were admirers of Patti Smith and Tom Verlaine. Didn't Verlaine guest with them sometime?

Yes, you can hear Verlaine on lead guitar in a fast version of "This Is The Sea" on "The Secret Life Of The Waterboys" album. And I believe that "A Girl Called Johnny" is about (or at least based on) P. Smith.

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