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RE: (TV) Cleveland

That's what happens when you're a published poet with a doctorate in English
Literature, working as a sommelier in a fancy restaurant in Jersey City--but
still a punk at heart.

And the James Gang was from Kent, not Cleveland, although Jimmie Fox was a
native Clevo.

Jim K.

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> I just read (scrolled rather) through the first two
> installments and found it to be less than great - to be
> charitable. I'm no expert in the history of Cleveland rock
> (wasn't The James Gang from Cleveland?) ,but the author spend
> waaaay too much time over-intellectualizing - bringing in
> Dada, Einstein, and Neitzche, when what he should really
> concentrating on is talking about rawk. Can you imagine doing
> that with The Stooges or even Television ? Speaking of
> Television, in this article there is very little mention of
> Peter Laughner, Rocket from the Tombs and how that
> contributed to the Cleveland scene.
> -Russ
> Dever, Paul (ELS) <P.Dever@elsevier.com> wrote :
> > I have started reading the series and am enjoying it very
> much.  The
> > language is a little flowery for my tastes at times, but it's
> > interesting reading, for sure.
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