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RE: (TV) re. Cleveland / 'The Sea'

The Chapter on Cleveland in Heylin's book, "From The Velvets 
To The Voidoids" is very informative and well written.

Loved movie on Pekar, "American Splendor".  Leo

PS:  Management just did something good at work! So to 
work-off my shock I'm transcribing the lyrics to "The Sea". 
(Granted TV's lyrics to this 'new' [2002] song are probably 
still in a state of flux, but thought it might be interesting 
to determine what he's singing.) Stay tuned. 

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I want to say that maybe I was a little harsh in my assessment 
of the very erudite history of Cleveland rock. I myself know 
what it's like to have a gig washing dishes while possessing 
a masters degree in history. In the spirit of moving forward and hoping 
I haven't hurt anyone's feelings I present an important further element 
of Cleveland's culture ( I city I have yet to visit ): 
I saw Mr. Pekar in Seattle last year at Bumbershoot and had my 
copy of American Splendor autographed by him. A very friendly guy.
- Russ
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