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Re: (TV) patti / tom? Jandek

Maurice wrote:


Good lord--Keiji Heino! His _"The Book of Eternity" Set Aflame_ is one of those special CDs that I have found to be quite literally unlistenable at any volume. I'm not making an aesthetic judgement, either--the particular combination of frequencies used in the first movement resulted in *instant* ear fatigue.

Maurice, since your knowledge seems to be encyclopedic, and since Keiji Haino is a Japanese avant-garde alternative musician, I'm wondering if you're familiar with Ryuichi Sakamoto. (Though you might regard Sakamoto as more mainstream since he won an Oscar for the score of "The Last Emperor".) I think Sakamoto is a genius but I haven't heard most of his vast musical output, and guidance would be appreciated.

But then I haven't heard Jandek either, nor any Verlaine or Television bootlegs. Russ mentioned the Slims boot and reading Keith's description (www.marquee.demon.co.uk/slims.htm) has made me fiercely curious. (Dare I wade into the ocean of boots?)

And Maurice makes time to play music as well!


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