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Tried Again / RE: (TV) List archives

Hi Joe, 

I just tried a Search again as you asked in previous e-mail (I first
rebooted, then under Internet Options Menu on my PC, I deleted any and
internet cookies and temporary internet files).

Then I went to MM Archive page and tried SEARCH on the word Lloyd (without
any quotation marks) with Match set to:' any'; Format set to: 'Long'; and
Sort set to: 'Title'  [also later tried several other combinations].  But
still got exact same error message as before, and no filename.

Don't want to bury you in a flurry of e-mails, but:
>all the messages, dating back to 12/99, are archived, just not accessible
to >a few people.
Just to be clear, I can get all the months [as written below], and these
links work fine; it's just the SEARCH Command that won't work.

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