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Re: (TV) Unlikely Verlaine mention

In message <68a8ea5e050511152625bb9a4f@mail.gmail.com>, Rex Broome <rexbroome@gmail.com> writes
If his obvious grasp of folk and blues history and his praise of TV don't point that out enough, his band includes guys who've worked with Massive Attack and Justin Adams (I think that's his name), whom I know from some really terrific and innovative work with Jah Wobble of all people.

Plant is cool, really. Indian music, African, Arabic, folk, blues and a great fondness for West Coast psychedelic stuff - it's all in there. Check out Plant and Page - Unledded (ho ho) - offered the chance to do the Unplugged thing they went off to Morocco and did it with local musicians. Great album, really.

I'm starting to think that, at age 34, I might be ready to actually buy my first couple of Zep records! If only there was some way to special-order them with "Stairway" and "Livin' Lovin' Maid" surgically removed...

Start with Physical Graffiti and work your way backwards. Hey, everybody was doing this in the early '70s, they just didn't do it so well - but then they didn't invent the thing. Another quote from Plant in the RT: "If all people think I'm capable of is Stairway to Heaven then frankly I'm doomed". Not for nothing is Page one of Richard Lloyd's favourite guitarists - witness the Zeppelin cover on his last tour.

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