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Re: (TV) great lost album mention

this is from another mailing list that I'm on, for late 70's early 80's Edinburgh band the Scars (recently in the UK charts after being sampled by Lemon Jelly)- stick with it, television get a mention at the end) - http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/thescars for mp3's if you think the Scars sound interesting - the guitarist from the Scars is 'supporting' my band (theoritically, probably the truth is we'll just have a later less morning friendly slot) at our next gig which is pretty weird for me

This month's Word magazine has selection of writers and
nominating an album they consider underrated. Broadcaster and
Andrew Collins has nominated 'Author Author'. He writes

'Ask me for a great lost album and this is my default selection:
only LP from an Edinburgh quartet who looked pretty
uncomfortable in
their itchy Aztec gear on the back cover, but it was 1981 and
paymasters Charisma no doubt had greater plans for them than a
number 67 chart peak. But what spirit and guitar based fury. It
a difficult time for pale young men, as evidenced by Leave Me In
Autumn, Fear Of The Dark and Obsessions, all tribal drums,
meaningful reverb and singer Robert King's ennui-wracked wail.
Naturally, a nuclear holocaust is imminent (ubiquitous paranoia
brilliantly captured in the eerie, public-service-announcement-
styled Your Attention Please) and there is an allusion to
cinema (The Lady In The Car With The Glasses And A Gun, misread
the title of a poor half-French 1970 thriller with Oliver Reed
Samantha Eggar). They supported the Banshees and The Human
and as Paul Morley wrote in the NME at the time, they "epitomise
post-punk new seriousness". Lemon Jelly recently sampled them on
hit The Shouty Song and three of The Scars joined them onstage
the Usher Hall. I don't need a reunion; just this album on CD'

Subscribers to this group may also be interested to know that
Rezillos album is also nominated along with Adventure by
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