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Re: (TV) This Case Is Closed!/Maybe I Should Have Been A Research-Librarian/Exact Location

This is all great , almost perfect. But my wife is an astrologer, and we need a time of birth in order to make that perfect birth chart.
Seriously, do we have a time of birth ?
p.s. She (Leah,my wife) is an *astrologer* - me, I'm an amateur astronomer. Sometimes the media cannot get those two disciplines straight.

Leo Casey wrote:

that must be it
I live near a landfill called Mt. Pisgah

Claudia and Keith got it right, I received this from a NJ librarian:

Further digging (by me) reveals that 17 Rickens Trail, Denville is only about 50 yards from a body of water called "Indian Lake" [True]. 17 Rickens Trail is 200 meters from where Interstate-287 intersects Route-202; it's also 5 miles northwest of Morris Plains; 10 miles northwest of *Morristown* (and 3 miles northeast of Mount Fern). The co-ordinates of Morristown Memorial Hospital are: 40 degrees, 53', 28.06" North, and 74 degrees, 29', 5.81" West. :>) Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin

PS:  Mrs. Miller was considerably ahead of the times:  music was played in
both the delivery room and in her hospital room. --------------
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