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Re: (TV) Listophobia / Aptitudes

In message <68a8ea5e0603030955i63602f3fq6d850bcd4eea6320@mail.gmail.com>, Rex Broome <rexbroome@gmail.com> writes
Are we snail-mailing or empee-threeing you?  I gotta get on the ball...

Well I'm sure we'd all rather have .wav files than mp3s, wouldn't we? I mean I can make wavs from the mp3s, but it ain't what you started out with, no matter what anyone at iTunes says.

I would suggest sending an mp3 for now (or telling me where I can find it) and letting me have the real thing by snail mail for when we actually put the final thing together.

In the end it's up to the contributor - if you feel that an mp3 version is fine, then that's OK with me
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