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Re: (TV) Listophobia

Hey yeah, that was fun -- I got to write about Get Crazy, Ms. 45, Forbidden Zone, and Proof (the 1992 one, with Hugo Weaving and a young Russell Crowe) all in the same issue.

They let us write as smart (or as dumb) as we wanted, despite inherent corporate antichrist tendencies, and as Jay notes we were allowed to turn readers on to all sorts of good weird shit. I've worked in much worse places.

On Mar 3, 2006, at 1:59 PM, Jay wrote:

also, EW's issue on the 100 best movies you never
heard of (1990) really opened my eyes to some great
movies like The Ninth Configuration

so i don't think it's all bad

--- Ty Burr <tyburr@mindspring.com> wrote:

Well, since I spent 11 years at Entertainment
Weekly, the rag that pretty
much took the list thing to metastasized new levels
-- and also co-authored
"The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time" (available on
eBay and at remainder
bins near you), feel free to blame me for the whole

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