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Re: (TV) still my e-mail troubles with TV linger on...

On Mon, 6 Mar 2006 12:32:55 EST
Blumetakt@aol.com wrote:

> Any other thoughts folks ? Is it my optonline.net e-mail address?  I  sent an 
> e-mail to another listgroup and it took 2 days to get there. Better off  with 
> snail-mail. 

optonline.net was/is responsible for a noticable percentage of the spam
that hits my server, so yes, email from that domain is silently discarded.

(This explains why I never saw a follow-up email from you; it must have
come from that domain.)

Eamil me off-list from your AOL account and let me know your new address,
and I'll put it on the whitelist so you'll be able to send to the list.

An interesting link on optonline and spam:
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