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(TV) bowie

care to respond (email from a friend):

>let me know what you think of low, since you prolly
>havent listened to it in 25 years
>it has aged marvelously
Unless you asked, I wasn't going to bring it
I think it has aged badly - not badly so that it is
unlistenable (it 
*is* listenable), but rather it has been repeated so
many times by so 
many sources that at this point it sounds naive and
I was never really crazy for Bowie (some of his
material is 
good).  Though praised as an innovator, for me he was
the ultimate 
"me too" kind of guy - very adept at perceiving the
"next big thing" 
ahead of the masses but behind the true innovators. 
(Sort of a 
British version of Steve Miller). Indeed, Low would
have been nothing 
without Eno - and at that, it is Eno at his most
"puttering about" 
rather than at his most cutting.  Sounds a bit like
leftover Roxy 
Music outtakes.
Bowie first and foremost was a showman.  And a great
one, at 
that.  And crucial at helping push the careers of
people whom he 
*knew* were his artistic  superiors.  And being a
showman is not a 
bad thing - I loved the plate spinners on the Ed
show.  Bowie is the rock n roll equivalent of the
plate spinner on 
the Ed Sullivan show.


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