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Re: (TV) Pete Cosey

I got into Sharrock because of Laswell, who produced his 1986 album Guitar (which I quite like and recommend). I am also a fan of the aforementioned Seize the Rainbow. I would also recommend Faith Moves, like Micah. That may be my favorite. I have a nice boot of them on the radio together (Live in NYC- 9/9/91), but I can't remember if they played live during that show or just discussed cuts being played from the album. I also have a Herbie Mann album with Sonny on it (Hold On Im Comin) with at least one shocking apropos-of-nothing solo.
  I think my favorite Sonny Sharrock is live, though. I have these:
  Live Zurich 10/31/87                        
  Live Bremen 10/29/87                          
  Live Berlin 11/27/87                          
  Live @ Knitting Factory 94       
  Live in Hartford- 7/25/93                
  Live in Hollywood- 11/17/91 (2 cds) 
  Live in Geneva w/G. Baker 3/19/87
  The room-clearing stuff would be the Last Exit, which wouldnt raise an eyebrow on a Zorny mofo like you, Maurice. But it would scare little chillren at 50 paces. 
Best to all,
  np. Al Green- Live @ Roskilde Festival, Denmark- 7/4/99
Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com> wrote:
  At 7:48 AM -0800 3/8/06, Brian Young wrote:
> I love Ask the Ages and practically all of the Sharrock I've 
>heard. Even if some of it would serve as good music to clear people 
>out of a room or a bar at the end of the night or party.

A friend turned me on to _Seize the Rainbow_, which while a bit too 
80s in the drum department has the stunningly lyrical "My Song," 
which I don't tend to get past much--I keep playing that one over and 

Obviously _Ask the Ages_ should be on the shopping list, but what 
Sharrock recommendations would you make for lyrical and for noisy?

Maurice Rickard
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