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Re: (TV) New Verlaine CDs competition!

Maurice wrote:
... coming to the US will be cheaper than staying at home. (I should note that our beer situation has improved greatly over the last several years, so there's that also.)

You mean the quality has improved, or the price has come down? (For Greg's sake I hope it's the former.)

I always wonder how much the "national" beer situation affects people. Germany (where I am) is, like, beer paradise -- for quality, variety and value. But you really don't see much drunkenness and related problems on the streets. Whereas in Britain, where the beer is more expensive and not as good (generally)... And then there's Sweden, where it's much more expensive -- with what feels like an unhealthy attitude towards alcohol. Real contrasts.

Talking of alcohol, I just saw the documentary film about Townes Van Zandt. Makes for an interesting comparison with Tom Verlaine's thoughts on songwriting in the latest interview.

It's so good that Tom is happy, healthy and creative, at his relatively advanced age. Townes died at 52, which I suppose is about average for the whole human population. And he left behind many great songs and recordings. And three wives who were obviously full of affection for him. And several children... The interviews with the children would tear your heart out. So much waste and sadness there...


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