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(TV) Verlaine & Rip -- at The Village, Dublin, 28 July 2006

(From Joe Thornton, who had trouble posting to the List):

A fantastic concert. Intimate venue, most people seated, but there was plenty of standing room at the back -- they could have sold more tickets.

Tom & Jimmy seated on stage. They played for about two hours. Very little tuning between songs.

Set List:

The Day On You
Souvenir From A Dream
[I'm not sure of the order after that, but they played the following (and I might be forgetting one).] Orbit (better than the recorded version, I think)
Little Johnny Jewel  (utterly different)
Kingdom Come
The Scientist Writes A Letter
Words From The Front (pretty faithful to the original) Documentary (again, better than the recorded version, IMO) Pillow (utterly reconstructed, but still lovely) The Earth Is In The Sky (Tom sang "This Earth is in the sky"; he was playing all those intricate lead-guitar lines as he sang.)
Nice Actress
"Biker" tune
Let Go The Mansion
A "little rehearsal" tune  (utterly brilliant, and polished)
Prove It  (melodic version!)
Encore:  A "Portuguese" tune

Sheer mastery of the electric guitar. Astonishing interplay. Beautiful, beautiful music.

A few minutes afterwards Tom & Jimmy were back on stage dismantling their equipment, unassuming and smiling, accepting congratulations from a few audience members.

I realized afterwards that the set list was a selection from all stages of Tom's career, with four songs from Songs & Other Things.

We must hope that Tom & Jimmy continue to perform gigs like this, apart from the Television reunions.

By the way, in a moderately interesting interview with the Irish Times on the same day, Tom said about Television:

"We average one new song every 18 months, so our next record will be out within a couple of years. We're not exactly prolific, but it works that way for us."

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