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Re: (TV) ABC Glasgow gig

dano pickups are great ,the purest sound i ever heard , they are a bit more unpowered than fender single coil ,but got real mojo going on , i play a jaguar ,used to  have a danelectro 56 u2  ,wich i traded for a 96 ibanez talman ,with dano-like lipsticks pickups ,and a bunch of features that i like ,i still like more the jag ,thought ... in top of the great gig ,you met a cute girl ? ,cool !
Billy Ancell <bilbicus@yahoo.com> escribis:  Well I was at the Glasgow ABC gig last night, was awesome.

Tom playing slide - unbelievable! He was hitting the slide off the guitar, playing beyond the fretboard - he was playing a strat with what looked like Danelectro pickups on it. It was the most awesome electric guitar sound I have ever heard, and there wasn't a self-indulgent widdle in sight all evening. He also only used the bridge pickup for all (or nearly all) of the songs.

I'm going to have to get Dano pickups for my Jaguar. 

Words From The Front
Prove It
Kingdom Come
Souvenier From a Dream
Ancient Egypt
Lots of instrumental jams

Tom said, after about three songs in:

"You've probably guessed by now that we're just rehearsing up here".

He also said "My pop was born about 20 miles from here. Can't remember the name of the village. And if I did, I probably couldn't pronounce it."

Also: "Suppose I better introduce the band. This is Jimmy Rip". 

I had to go myself as I couldn't contact anyone on the list (Joe, you are a legend for getting this thing back on) but I met a cute girl who was there on her own so hey! Not all bad! She was taking pictures and said she is going to email me - I'll pass those on to any interested parties! Also got a pic of the marquee outside on my phone.

Thank god the list is back on. I have a few Q's, if anyone out there can help:

Where in the world can I get a copy of Dreamtime on
CD? My Infinite Zero release got "borrowed" and I'm at
the end of my tether. I NEED this album on CD! (I also
NEED Stanley Clarke's "Rocks Pebbles and Sand" and
"Children of Forever" on CD). Does anyone know of a
good CD tracking service or online record store where
I can start looking for Dreamtime?

Does anyone know what Richard's effects board was
like during the recording of Real Time? Did he use a

Anyone Seen The List (Glasgow and Edinburgh Events
Guide)? It has Tom mentioned on the front cover and
has a piece on what he likes about NYC. He talks about
a coule of restaurants and a 24 hour coffee shop he
frequents. I will type out the whole piece/scan for
anyone who wants it. It's pretty cool.
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