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Re: (TV) ABC Glasgow gig

I was there too, we could've all met up

a good sized crowd for the size of the room - 250 people ? a good venue for that sort of thing, I've only seen bob mould play solo there before, I dont think it would be much use for a band that people wanted to jump about to, good audience as well, incredibly quiet when the music was playing and loud when the music stopped

I wasnt expecting too much, and the first couple of songs I didnt really get, and then when they stopped a song and restarted it I thought "uh-oh, its going to be one of those gigs", but the song was great and everything really clicked after that, tremendous stuff - I only came along at the last minute (I've never really 'got' his solo work other than the first album including the stellar yonki time - if they'd only played that .... some on this list may be horrified, but words from the front was my cue to go for a pish, I mean I dont dislike it, but at the same time its not got a lot going for it) but I'm really glad I did make the trip through for the gig

one of the funniest things was the support act (who had her granny in the audience - I felt I had to applaud her in case her granny skelped me with her stick), her last song had the 'blank generation' descending bass line thing in it (exact same notes) and even ended with an "oooooweeeooooh" (although all her songs did - great voice and playing, but please leave the vocal gymnastics at home hen) - I'm pretty sure she'd never heard blank generation and it was a nice unintended irony, but then again, maybe she'd just copped the riff from beat generation herself

after the gig you could pic up one of the posters that were left over in the foyer - they did this at the bob mould gig too, a nice touch - I've got a few spare, if anyone really really wants one, drop me a line off list (list messages go to my junk mail these days, sadly) with your address and you can have it

I think the poster is based on this pic I think (but now its his left hand at his eye so its hard to tell)

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Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 20:31:23 +0100

Was there as well and totally agree - awesome. Tom looking very relaxed and genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself and acknowledging the audience response. Sound was great and Jimmy Rip deserves a mention as well - followed Tom wherever he went. Whole gig just emphasised what a unique musical sensibility Verlaine has as a guitar player and songwriter. Sublime.


Set List (broadly):
- The Day on You, Tom alternating with fingers, pick and slide. As Billy mentioned amazing slide.
- Souvenir from a Dream
- Earth is in the Sky.  Dedicated to his 'pop'.
- Rain Sidewalk / LJJ with Jimmy comping along Sweet Georgia Brown style on the latter.
-  Let Go the Mansion
-  Documentary
-  Orbit
-  Scientist
-  Biker Theme
-  Pillow
-  Words from the Front
-  Kingdom Come
-  Nice Actress
-  Prove It - in a style reminiscent of Stand by Me!
- Encore ???

Think there was also Also Heavenly Charm and Ancient Egypt in amongst that lot.

Billy Ancell wrote:
Well I was at the Glasgow ABC gig last night, was awesome.
Tom playing slide - unbelievable! He was hitting the slide off the guitar, playing beyond the fretboard - he was playing a strat with what looked like Danelectro pickups on it. It was the most awesome electric guitar sound I have ever heard, and there wasn't a self-indulgent widdle in sight all evening. He also only used the bridge pickup for all (or nearly all) of the songs.
 I'm going to have to get Dano pickups for my Jaguar.  Pillow
Words From The Front
Prove It
Kingdom Come
Souvenier From a Dream
Ancient Egypt
Lots of instrumental jams
 Tom said, after about three songs in:
 "You've probably guessed by now that we're just rehearsing up here".
He also said "My pop was born about 20 miles from here. Can't remember the name of the village. And if I did, I probably couldn't pronounce it." Also: "Suppose I better introduce the band. This is Jimmy Rip". I had to go myself as I couldn't contact anyone on the list (Joe, you are a legend for getting this thing back on) but I met a cute girl who was there on her own so hey! Not all bad! She was taking pictures and said she is going to email me - I'll pass those on to any interested parties! Also got a pic of the marquee outside on my phone. Thank god the list is back on. I have a few Q's, if anyone out there can help:
 Where in the world can I get a copy of Dreamtime on
CD? My Infinite Zero release got "borrowed" and I'm at
the end of my tether. I NEED this album on CD! (I also
NEED Stanley Clarke's "Rocks Pebbles and Sand" and
"Children of Forever" on CD). Does anyone know of a
good CD tracking service or online record store where
I can start looking for Dreamtime?
 Does anyone know what Richard's effects board was
like during the recording of Real Time? Did he use a
 Anyone Seen The List (Glasgow and Edinburgh Events
Guide)? It has Tom mentioned on the front cover and
has a piece on what he likes about NYC. He talks about
a coule of restaurants and a 24 hour coffee shop he
frequents. I will type out the whole piece/scan for
anyone who wants it. It's pretty cool.
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