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(TV) Denim

I've picked-up a few Felt records over the last few years, since
Verlaine is often name-checked in reference to their sound. I really
enjoy ME AND A MONKEY ON THE MOON (with a direct namecheck of
Verlaine and Hell in "Mobile Shack"), among others.

Yesterday, I discovered that Denim, Lawrence Harvey's band after
Felt, has finally had their debut BACK IN DENIM reissued on CD. I
picked it up and have played it quite a bit in the last 24 hours.
It's not Felt -- very different tone, very different musical
approach, and it drips with cynicism at times -- but I am really
enjoying it now that my initial shock is wearing off.

Question: Does anyone out there have a copy of DENIM ON ICE on CD?
Appears to be way out-of-print.

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