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(TV) Verlaine chords / Verlaine chord book proposal @ Television rehearsals

Hi. I have a couple questions Verlaine and Television related.

1.) Does anyone have the chords ( not the Tabs per se because [scary music]
I don't actually read guitar tabs ) to Verlaine's
'Eighty Eights' off of 'around' ? There is no instrumental song by TV or (
anyone else for that matter) that compares - IMHO. I've been trying to
figure it out ,but can only approximate it weakly. What would be really
great - and here's a project proposal - a Verlaine chord book. This would be
useful because I think TV uses a lot of unconventional chordings. But if
anyone has higher knowledge on this , let them come forth.

2.) Anyone close to the band have any interesting news or anecdotes they can
share on those reported monthly Television rehearsals ? Just curious.

Okay - everyone have a nice weekend.

- Russ
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