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(TV) Verlaine in Uncut

Don't think it has been recognized in here, but in the #127 issue of Uncut,
from late last year, there's a special about the "I'm not there" soundtrack.
Verlaine is featured, saying things like, "If anybody calls me up to do a song
I'll do it. If they call me up to do an Everly Brothers song I'll give it a
try. But Dylan is probably easier than most to do, because the songs are so
simple." Verlaine does not come through as the friendliest person; asked how
he sang "Cold Iron Bounds", the reply is, "With my voice." So it is like it
should be. Those who've seen the picture might have noticed that his
contribution is by far the most used in the film, about seven or eight times;
just one with Verlaine singing, the other times at sinister moments. Which is
also as it should be. His version is one of the masterpieces on the album -
although not the only one, since the soundtrack on the whole is pretty

Which, by the way, could not be said about that last effort from Lloyd.
There's some grandiose badness, in the musical content as well as amongst the
liner notes.

Leif J, Moscow
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