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Re: (TV) OT: Luna

Great post, Andy.

While my interest in Luna's studio output waned over the years, I saw them live 
as often as possible; although I've probably only seen them a dozen or so times, 
it's more than I've ever seen any other band. Some highlight shows included New 
Years 2000 (when Weeds of Eden opened with a little Sinatra, no less, and Dean 
did solo versions of "Listen, the Snow is Falling" and "Borderline") and their 
final 2 shows in 2005. I never saw a bad Luna show.

Interestingly, I've always felt let-down by LIVE (I have the 2LP version). As I 
mentioned, I was at one of the shows used, but it sounds much less lively on 
disc than I remember. The whole set feels that way -- too subdued in terms of 
mix, I think. It's also a shame they were promoting one of their weaker albums 
on that tour, as it is a bit overrepresented. Perhaps this disc will get a 
revision/rework down the road; in the meantime, I do have a few live shows I've 
collected over the years that do a better job (IMO) capturing the magic.

As for recommending Luna to Television fans -- I second that!


From: Andy <andy@notaworry.net>
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Sent: Sat, April 30, 2011 9:53:22 PM
Subject: (TV) OT: Luna

I have really enjoyed the discussion of Luna on the TV list.  I have been a
huge Luna fan since Penthouse release...have seen them maybe 80-100
times...and am on their list as well.  Worth noting that there has been more
Luna discussion here over the last week, than on the Luna/Galaxie list over
the past months.

Some thoughts from a fan of both Luna and Television.  As much as I loved
and love Luna, the comparison between the bands is more stylistic than
anything else.  In many jams (23 Minutes, Fuzzy Wuzzy, etc) the style of
guitar interweaving that Dean and Sean produce is TV-esque in all the best
ways.  And Luna stands on its own as good on disc (Dean is a good
songwriter), but great live....just a bit more shoe-gazey than Tom and
Richard.  Plus, when Luna was still a band, the chance to see them live a
dozen or more times a year (here in NYC, their hometown) made them a real
pleasure for a fan.  Check out the movie, Tell Me Do You Miss Me, if you
want to see some fun stuff and great concert footage (plus I am front center
in the clips of the final shows at the Bowery Ballroom).  Sean is a friend,
and I know he will appreciate several of the comments that surfaced
here.....and I think he would be honored at any serious comparison to

However, TV came first....and nothing can compare to Marquee Moon.  Tom and
Richard were trailblazers.....their limited output still places them in the
pantheon of guitar-rock....and the live shows I saw (both back in the day
and the later reunions) were always extraordinary.

I think most fans of TV would like Luna....some might even love them....so
give a listen....

and let's hope that Tom takes the show on the road again soon!!

andy in nyc
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