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Re: (TV) new Television track?!

On Wed, 11 May 2011 16:53:54 +0100 (BST)
Claudia <razoomyyy@yahoo.de> wrote:

> http://www.indiehoy.com/noticias/vanessa-contenay-quinones-en-un-compilado-para-ayudar-a-japon/
> According to this site, it features a Television track called "Mistakes". The spanish says "never before heard, offered to compile". Anyone know anything about this?

VERY interesting, it's a compilation album by Vinyl Japan (Ongaku Eikoku)
in support of Japanese rescue efforts.  Tracks that would be of interest here

Disk 1, track 11. Jimmy Rip & The Trip: Southern Slow Ways (unreleased version) 
Disk 2:
1. Richard Hell: Time 
2. Richard Lloyd: Glurp
3. Television: Mistakes (never before heard, offered for the compilation)
4. Tom Verlaine / Leaves (Made especially for the compilation) 

It's very interesting that someone would have access to Tom, Jimmy, and 
both the Richards to be able to hit them all up for tracks.

Also, obscure artist sighting for Sniff'n the Tears who had a minor hit with
"Driver's Seat" in '79 and are now apparently reformed with a new album out.

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