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(TV) ubu / laughner / obscure vinyl query

today's discussion got me to look for copies of pere ubu's 1975 single with
laughner on the internet.  i'm seeing prices (at ebay and amazon) of anywhere
between < $30 to > $300.  differences i've noticed are whether or not a
picture sleeve is present, and also whether it is a "black label" or "white
label" release.
does anyone here know -- i assume the pic sleeve is original -- but what is
the difference between the 'black label" and "white label" copies?
also -- can't remember if i posted here -- the smog veil laughner project
seems to be on indefinite hold due to constraints that could not be elucidated
(per frank at smog veil).  maybe rights / permissions, i think.  too bad. 
that promises to be a worthwhile series if it ever sees the light of day.
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