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(TV) Picture of T.V.s Freezin' 1970s' Apt.

If you go to http://www.sendspace.com/file/udycrk extract the files from the zip file, 
and then look at the picture in the scanned article file named "hitparadeer78p1.JPG" 
you can see a picture of the inside of the  apartment TV is quoted about in 1976 on 
in the May 17, 2011 Vanity Fair  posted here the other day.

Those rooms were freezing and always dark / 
but where we were never mattered / 
Your head was golden / 
There was lightning in your arms / 
and then the glass shattered. 

Tom: Well, I'd get a decent place to live. You wouldn't believe the shithole I live in. You
really wouldn't believe it. The floors are like black with shit and the windows are. the glass
is ready to fall out and kill somebody in the street, like it rattles. There's one radiator for
four little rooms. In the winter, it's like. the only thing is I haven't paid my rent since
last November. I owe my landlord like $1500 and he hasn't come after me for it, which is like a
miracle 'cause I haven't had any money this year at all really. I've had enough money to live
on from the jobs we've been playing. But it's like a miracle that my landlord hasn't asked me
for rent in almost a year.

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