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(TV) The Big One (assuming there is interest)

Because not everyone on this list is a member of the Yahoo list, I wanted to share the message below that I just posted to the TV Yahoo list.  I know this list is not for trading, and my intent is not to clog this list with trading discussion.  I suggest going to the Yahoo list for that.  



Based on a couple of folks asking me for the links to the shows I sent to Joe, I have been thinking ... 

While many of you have some, or even a ton, of Television / Verlaine / Lloyd shows, there is still some demand out there as folks try to fill out their collections.  We've come a long way from the days of cassette tapes when I started collecting.  The Carried Away site has been great for distributing a huge number of shows via CD-R trees.  I've put maybe 25 shows on DIME and others have done the same.  I've shared shows through Megaupload, etc.  

But, a combination of today's technology and old-fashioned snail mail can make it possible for everyone to have EVERY show.  I've been able to put FLAC copies of all my shows on a small pocket external hard drive.  I also have Apple Lossless versions of the shows on the drive, to make it easy to import them into iTunes.  I've shared this drive with another collector on this list who was kind enough to add some shows I did not have (I got burned out on Television and stopped collecting for a time).  So, at this point I think I have all shows currently in circulation.  I have DVD's on the drive as well, as well as scans of vintage Television show posters and Village Voice advertisements for shows in the 1970's.

Here is what I am thinking - I could put all the files on two pocket drives, and then we could create 2 vines - one for North America and the other for the rest of the world.  The way I see it working is that we could use the Carried Away site to sign up (Keith, I presume you could set that up?).  The vines could be set up in such a way to efficiently move the hard drives from person to person.  Each person receiving the drive would have say, one week, to plug the drive into their computer and copy the files they wanted, and then box the drive back up and mail it to the next person on the vine.  Hence, the cost to anyone signing up is simply the postage to the next recipient.  At the end of the vines, the hard drives could be mailed back to me.

So, what do folks think?  Is there any interest in this?  I've always felt it important to share the music, and this is the biggest and best method I can think of.

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