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(TV) The Big One - Seeds Planted On Carried Away Site (sending again, as first try evidently did not work)

All (sending again, as first try evidently did not work),

I've planted seeds on the Carried Away site (http://www.obbard.net/ca/), so if you are interested go there and sign up. I set up one vine for North/South America and a second vine for Rest Of The World. I have a sign up deadline of June 30th, so you have four weeks to sign up. That will also (hopefully) give me enough time to pull everything together properly. Below is a listing of all items I currenty have. If you have something that is missing from the list below and want to see it included on the hard drive, please send me an e-mail and we can figure out a way to make that happen. Thanks, and again I apologize for posting this on the TV@obbard.com list. Further discussions should take place on the Television-group@yahoogroups.com list.



1974-00-00 Rehearsal In Ork Loft
1974-00-00 Rehearsal In Ork Loft Videotape Soundtrack
1974-08-00 Maxbs Kansas City
1974-00-00 Brian Eno Richard Williams Demos

1975-00-00 Early 1975 Unknown Location
1975-00-00 Rehearsal In Ork Loft
1975-01-00 CBGB
1975-01-17 CBGB
1975-03-23 CBGB
1975-04-17 CBGB
1975-06-00 CBGB
1975-06-15 CBGB
1975-07-00 CBGB
1975-07-24 Piccadilly Inn
1975-07-25 Piccadilly Inn
1975-08-00 Demos
1975-08-02 CBGB Summer Festival (Might be 1975-08-03)
1975-08-02 CBGB Summer Festival (Might be 1975-08-03) (Alternate Source)
1975-08-08 CBGB (only 3 songs)
1975-10-17 Motherbs
1975-10-27 Maxbs
1975-12-07 CBGB

1976-00-00 CBGB
1976-01-14 CBGB
1976-01-25 CBGB
1976-01-25 CBGB (alternate source)
1976-02-18 CBGB
1976-03-11 CBGB
1976-03-11 CBGB (alternate source)
1976-03-11 CBGB (another alternate source)
1976-03-12 CBGB
1976-04-16 CBGB
1976-06-30 CBGB
1976-07-29 CBGB
1976-07-30 CBGB
1976-07-31 CBGB
1976-12-00 CBGB
1976-12-26 CBGB
1976-12-28 CBGB
1976-12-29 CBGB
1976-12-30 CBGB
1976-12-31 Palladium
1977-00-00 CBGB
1977-03-13 Masonic Auditorium, Detroit
1977-04-05 Whisky A Go Go, Los Angeles
1977-04-14 Whisky A Go Go, Los Angeles
1977-06-03 Paradiso, Amsterdam
1977-06-05 Auditoire Janson, Brussels
1977-06-07 Olympia, Paris
1977-06-15 Daddybs Dance Hall, Copenhagen
1977-06-17 Jarlateatern, Stockholm
1977-08-08 Syncopation, Hartsdale
1977-08-31 Syncopation, Hartsdale (first set)
1977-08-31 Syncopation, Hartsdale (second set)

1978-00-00 Adventure Outtakes
1978-00-00 Adventure Rough Mixes from Acetate
1978-03-20 My Fatherbs Place
1978-04-11 Glasgow, Scotland
1978-04-17 Hammersmith Odeon, London
1978-06-09 My Fatherbs Place
1978-07-02 Earth Tavern, Portland
1978-07-02 Earth Tavern, Portland (DIME mix source)
1978-07-03 The Place, Seattle
1978-07-03 The Place, Seattle (alternate source)
1978-07-29 The Bottom Line

1992-06-26 Glastonbury Festival
1992-06-26 Glastonbury Festival (from bInterferenceb bootleg vinyl LP)
1992-06-28 Roskilde Festival, Denmark
1992-09-04 Club Quattro, Osaka
1992-09-06 Nakano-Sun Plaza, Tokyo
1992-11-06 La Cigalle, Paris
1992-11-10 Tivoli Theatre, Utrecht
1992-11-19 Town & Country, London
1992-11-28 Penguin Rock Bar, Ottawa
1992-11-29 Club Soda, Montreal
1992-11-30 Paradise Club, Boston
1992-12-01 Toadbs, New Haven
1992-12-02 Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia
1992-12-03 Academy, NYC
1992-12-04 Academy, NYC
1992-12-06 The Metro, Chicago
1992-12-08 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
1992-12-09 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
1992-12-11 Wadsworth Theatre, Los Angeles

1993-02-26 Theatre Of Living Arts, Philadelphia
1993-02-27 Georgetown University, Washington, DC
1993-03-02 Catbs Cradle, Raleigh, NC
1993-03-03 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
1993-03-04 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta
1993-03-08 Shank Hall, Milwaukee
1993-03-09 First Avenue, Minneapolis
1993-03-14 Academy, NYC
1993-06-12 The Forum, London (one long track b songs not indexed)

2001-04-08 Camber Sands, England
2001-04-15 Shepardbs Bush Empire, London
2001-04-16 The Vicar, Dublin
2001-06-21 Experience Music Project Seattle (over-driven microphones)

2002-03-15 Royce Hall, Los Angeles
2002-03-20 Irving Plaza, NYC
2002-06-15 Vicar Street, Dublin
2002-06-17 Liquid Room, Edinburgh
2002-06-19 Meltdown Festival, London
2002-06-20 Meltdown Festival, London
2002-07-22 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
2002-07-26 Fuji Rock Festival, Naeba, Japan
2002-07-28 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

2003-03-21 Irving Plaza, NYC
2003-03-22 Irving Plaza, NYC
2003-03-23 Theatre Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia
2003-03-24 9:30 Club, Washington, DC
2003-05-24 Primavera Festival, Barcelona
2003-09-21 The Fillmore, San Francisco

2004-03-24 The Paradise, Boston
2004-06-18 Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany
2004-06-23 University Of London Union, London
2004-06-27 Glastonbury Festival
2004-07-02 Manchester Academy, Manchester, England
2004-07-03 Brixton Academy, Brixton, England

2005-06-21 Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
2005-06-23 Manchester University, Manchester
2005-10-25 Sao Paulo, Brazil

2007-06-16 Summerstage, Central Park, NYC (with Jimmy Rip)

bCommercial Bootlegb CDbs
Arrow Head
At CBGB July 31, 1976 (sourced from my DIME upload)
Back Into The Graveyard
Double Exposure
Early Gig b75 (with Patti Smith)
Evolve (CD-R bootleg)
I Need A New Adventure
Last Live In Portland 1978
Live Adventures
Live At The Metro 2001 (CD-R bootleg)
Live At Whisky A Go Go
Live In S. Francisco 1978
Live Portland 1978 (CD-R bootleg)
New York Stories
Nights To Remember (sourced from my DIME upload)
Piccadilly Inn, July 25, 1975 (CD-R bootleg)
Poor Circulation
Portable Electricity
Rose Of My Heart
Singles Vol. 0 (CD-R-bootleg)
Singles Vol. 1 (CD-R-bootleg)
Singles Vol. 2 (CD-R-bootleg)
The Last Time (CD-R bootleg)
This Case Is Closed
Ticket That Exploded
We Canbt Do This Anymore b& Cause Ibm Just Too Tired! (with Patti Smith)

Ork Loft
Video Anthology Vol. 1
Video Anthology Vol. 2
Live at the Academy, NY 1992-12-03
Live In Brazil MTV 2005-10-23
Misc. including Richard Lloyd Swedish TV, Tom Verlaine MTV

Villager Voice advertisements for 1970bs shows
Hell era show posters

Tom Verlaine

1979-00-00 Collectorbs Choice Wrong Mix Release of first LP
1979-00-00 The Lost Mix (alternate mix of first LP)
1981-10-08 The Ritz, NYC
1981-10-09 The East Side Club (DIME version)
1981-10-10 My Fatherbs Place, Roslyn
1981-10-11 Toadbs Place, New Haven
1981-10-19 Cinema, San Francisco
1981-11-06 Voodoo Club, Toronto
1981-11-07 Scorgies, Rochester
1982-00-00 A Conversation With Tom Verlaine (by Meg Griffin)
1982-05-22 The Left Bank, Mt. Vernon, NY (taken from bTales From The Bankb CD-R)
1982-05-27 The Paradise, Boston
1982-06-04 The Ritz, NYC
1982-06-05 The Ritz, NYC
1982-06-12 Stocvishal, Arnhem, Netherlands
1982-06-16 Rock Club Ritz, Stockholm
1982-06-19 Lobo Disco, Gothenburg, Sweden
1982-06-21 Markhalle, Hamburg, Germany
1982-06-23 Palace Theatre, Paris
1982-10-22 Peppermint Lounge, NYC
1984-09-22 Pandorabs Music Box Fest, DeDolen, Rotterdam
1984-10-01 Club 77, Helsinki
1984-10-04 Electric Ballroom, Camden, London
1984-12-21 The Ritz, NYC
1984 b 1992 Miscellaneous Radio Interviews with Tom Verlaine
1986-00-00 Flash Light original recordings (from bNo Deposit No Returnb boot CD-R)
1987-03-19 Town & Country, London
1987-03-20 The International, Manchester
1987-03-26 Errolbs, Gothenburg, Sweden
1987-04-03 Quasimodo, Berlin (bGloryb bootleg CD)
1987-04-06 Cookybs, Franfurt, Germany
1987-04-08 Big Club, Turin, Italy
1987-04-17 Rouen, France
1987-04-22 Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, England
1987-04-26 The Ritz, NYC
1987-04-28 RPM, Toronto
1987-05-20 Yomiuri Hall, Tokyo
1988-08-14 Orheum Theatre, San Francisco
1988-11-25 I-Beam, San Francisco (solo acoustic)
1990-04-12 Paradise Club, Boston (solo acoustic)
1990-06-19 Slimbs, San Francisco (solo acoustic)
1990-07-13 Park West, Chicago (solo acoustic)
1991-04-09 Club Quattro, Osaka
1996-05-13 Viper Room, Los Angeles
1996-06-12 Tramps, NYC
1998-06-06 Worcester, Massachusetts (bprotob Music from Films)
1998-07-29 Bowery Ballroom, NYC (bprotob Music from Films)
1998-07-30 Bowery Ballroom, NYC (bprotob Music from Films)
1998-07-31 Bowery Ballroom, NYC (bprotob Music from Films)
1998-10-14 Middle East, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1998-10-29 Bowery Ballroom, NYC
1999-10-15 St. Annbs, Brooklyn (Music For Films)
2000-04-01 Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis (Music For Films)
2000-04-21 Castro Theatre, San Francisco (Music For Films)
2001-10-07 Bowery Ballroom, NYC
2002-12-04 Regent Square Theatre, Pittsburgh (Music For Films)
2006-08-01 Interview WFMU + Tom Is Guest DJ For 2 Hours
2006-05-15 9:30 Club, Washington, DC
2006-05-15 Interview NPR + Tom Is Guest DJ
2006-05-18 Bowery Ballroom, NYC
2006-06-16 Interview KCRW + 6 Songs with band in the studio
2006-07-12 Interview NPR + 4 songs with band in the studio
2006-07-20 DVD Electric Duo, Festival Heineken International, Benicassim, Spain
2006-08-23 Interview BBC + 2 songs with band in studio
2006-00-00 Interview by Alan Licht


Richard Lloyd

1978-07-24 Maxbs Rolling Stones Tribute (complete)
1978-07-24 Maxbs Rolling Stones Tribute (alternate source)
1979-00-00 Hurrah, NYC
1982-00-00 Folk City, NYC
1985-03-15 Mudd Club, Gothenburg, Sweden
1985-03-20 Stockholm, Kolingsborg
1985-08-25 Gothenburg, Sweden
1985-10-14 Broadway, Linkoping, Sweden
1985-11-09 Pub Sparta, Lund, Sweden
1985-11-22 New Jersey
1986-10-11 Maxwellbs, Hoboken, New Jersey
1988-02-00 The Palace, Norrkoping, Sweden
1988-02-11 Hard Rock CafC), Stockholm, Sweden
1997-12-06 Brownies, NYC
1998-01-11 Mercury Lounge, NYC
2001-00-00 Chicago
2001-06-18 Webcast from Boston
1985-1992 Misc. Radio Interviews
Misc. Singles
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