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Re: (TV) richard comments-on-new-television-song

Well, Richard has very peculiar ideas (sometimes mystical; actually,
maybe all the times, mystical) about modes and scales, etc.
Sometimes, I think about the things he taught me, and it makes sense
emotionally - not that it is very easy to explain.

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Rex Broome <rexbroome@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 6:14 AM, Keith Allison <keith@thewonder.co.uk>wrote:
>> On 28/09/2011 12:10, Russ wrote:
>>> Like it.
>> Have to disagree with you there, Russ - I'd say that "spacey waste of
>> talent" just about sums it up. Not to mention "meandering piece of rubbish".
>> Someone here (I think it was Iqigo, apologies if it wasn't) recently
>> described the Verlaine & Rip shows as "lounge music".  Quite.
> Well, there's at least one act that's more tired, boring, meandering,
> repetitive and frankly rubbishy than anything the modern Television will
> ever come up with, and that's the Richard Lloyd Bitches About Television
> Show.  Actually, the phrase "spacey waste of talent" isn't totally
> inapplicable either.
> I'm at a loss in terms of understanding how the scales and modes used in a
> song can be used as an actual indictment of it-- that's the only thing
> Richard's added to his schtick here and it's just as nonsensical as the rest
> of it.  This has gotten way beyond the point where it's just a drag and it's
> starting to actually piss me off.
> One more time, just in case Richard is reading this:  if the new Television
> material sucks as bad as he says it does, let it speak for itself!  Let it
> sink or swim on its own merits, or lack thereof!  The only people in the
> world who are really "into" Richard Lloyd are fans of Television as well,
> and all Richard can accomplish with this incessant and disingenuous bashing
> is to potentially alienate a big chunk of the small percentage of the
> population who gives a shit about Richard Lloyd, or in fact even knows who
> the hell he is.  And the only way to curry favor with them is to make some
> decent music himself.  In other word, please, please, please, move on with
> your life, and, more to the point, shut up and play.
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