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(TV) Jimmy Rip ( again )

i just went to a Jimmy Rip and the Trip gig ,it was close to my home ,so i had
no excuses ,just convincing my exhaust girlfriend to go ...
the place was
small but with good ,powerful sound system and ligths .
i coulnd`t speak to
him ,he appeared on stage just to play and left even more quikly ...
he showed
up with an almost empty bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand ,looking all
liquored up ,speaking half
english ,half spanish...
the two local ladies on
bass and drums with him are really young and good looking ,and played
extremely well ,( Jimmy too ) ,and sing background vocals too...
i was close
enough to see every little thing ,jimmiy`s pedalboards ,and set list ,wich
they didn`t follow at all ...they played standard rock and blues tunes ,some
Stones ,Led Zepp ,Hendrix ,Jagger ...in the only one from his new album ,he
got the people singing from the start ,i wasn`t expecting that ...
i asked him
for "Marquee moon " ,twice ,the second ,he smiled and said something like "now
you are pushing it ,it`s in two months ! " ...
he used a old looking Gibson
Les Paul mostly ,and the worn ,blonde Strat he uses with Tom ( he ended up
playing it with his teeth and banging it to the floor ) into a Singletone head
with an old Marshall cabinet ,pedals were ,a "sr. Rip " custom  Sabbadius
distortion ,a Crybaby  wah ,two Line six delays ,a Boss delay ,a Boss reverb 
,a Line six modulator ,and a Boss tuner ...
it was a fun nigth ,even if his
solo stuff is completely different from Tom`s or Television ...like an
apetizer for the upcoming shows !

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