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(TV) parquet courts

this band came up for discussion here (a reviewer made repeated television references, i think).  i made a point of seeing them during southby, and they were one of my favorite new bands of the week (a week of exhaustion and ennui, mostly, searching for the bright light of a great moment in music, mostly unfulfilled)(i did see two great sets by death, and loved guantanamo baywatch, the memories, and apache, bleached, and always, shannon and the clams).

anyway, my pics of parquet courts, here:


as far as television comparisons -- i think they've heard the records.   but they are mostly a one-guitar band (i think the guy who primarily played rhythm only had one extended solo).  that said, there are extended solos, and the lead guitarist (he's the one closest to the camera in the pics) definitely takes on some verlainian tones at times.  which is not a bad thing.  they look great, and were fun to watch and shoot.  i'll pick up their album (just out, i think) as soon as i recover.  i think they're touring (here again soon for chaos in tejas festival, and i'll try to see them again then).  if they come by your town, and you're not too very tired and old, go see them.  it's the least a truly dedicated television fan can do.

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