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(TV) Very Highly Recommended: Lloyd's 13-Part Video Interview on YouTube

With all the hoopla about Hell's memoir, I think these new! 13 short video
interviews with the other Richard are more interesting and definitive.  (The
13 bite-size pieces total about 1 hour; see link below.)

Richard doesn't seem angry or bitter here. When he reminiscences it's very
articulate and heart-felt. (And what he has to say about Hell's playing in
Television is quite revealing.)

Originally, Stan put these links on the other List (the moribund
Television-Group), 10 days ago, but sadly they garnered not a peep from
anyone except Keith.

So, I'm posting them here; I can not recommend these highly enough.

So Stan (if you're a member of this List too), thanks very much for posting
the original link.


Richard Lloyd on Television - 13 short videos starting with:


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On 19/03/2013 14:57, Stan :) wrote:
> Richard Lloyd on Television - 13 short videos starting with:
Great find Stan!

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