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(TV) Neeed UK Member(s) to Assist: FW: [Television-group] 2 cd Recording of Roundhouse London 2013

Can someone in (or near :> )  ) the UK please take advantage of this offer
by Kevin and give him some help to get his 2-cd-r Nov. 19, 2013, The
Roundhouse, London show to DIME (or Dropbox or SendSpace or to ......)?  See
his original e-mail below.  [Short of that, does anyone have some ideas on
the best way to proceed other than **snail-mail** option Kevin refers to?]


I am afraid there's not much happening on the Television-Group these days,
that's why I am posting this on the MM Mailing List.




PS: It would be a shame to let this Television (albeit Mk III) recording
slip away.


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got an excellent quality 2CD audio recording from the above show.
Will gladly send copy to UK address. PM me if you're interested,

Kevin in UK.

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