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(TV) Fw: [eternalcafe] Are you on Dimeadozen.org?

just got this on the patti list, thought folks here might want to know as w
ell. i hardly get on dime anymore but am always glad it exists.

A message from the Dime Admins:
"In more than 11 years we never had to ask for financial support. Now we ha
ve to, unfortunately. Since PayPal froze our account and funds donations ar
e dwindling down. For the month of February we had to cover the costs with 
our own money. Needless to say that we can't be doing that for long. In ord
er to keep the site running regular contributions are required. It is up to
 you if DIME will remain or not. Thank you for reading."

Here's how to donate: http://www.dimeadozen.org/extras-donate.php

For years Dimeadozen.org has been the primary site I share recordings of Pa
tti shows.  Seems wrong that PayPal shuns them given that they are met
iculous about keeping off official releases and even fan recordings of arti
sts who don't wish them shared.

Peace and light,
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