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Re: (TV) Peter Laughner

Oh my God I must own this.


> From: "Brian Young" <raggedglory57@hotmail.com>
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> Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:53:41 -0800
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> Subject: (TV) Peter Laughner
> Awhile back I mentioned that I had a couple of Peter Laughner boots coming
> to me.  Now, with the sad passing of John Fahey, one of them is even more
> poignant.  It's a tape called Nocturnal Digressions, a tape supposedly made
> on the night before Laughner's demise.  It was a spooky thing to hear, and
> full of life and talent.  Armed with an acoustic guitar, a six of Genny a
> pack of Lucky Strikes and God knows whatever other substances, he played 15
> songs that filled 60 minutes of tape.  Guess what the first song was?
> "See No Evil."
> Other tell tale tunes included "Calvary Cross", "Slim Slow Slider", "Blank
> Generation" and "Wild Horses."  Especially haunting/haunted was his version
> of Robert Johnson's "Me and the Devil Blues." Chilling. Definite hellhound
> on this man's trail.  When Lester Bangs stops hangin' with you because you
> party too hard, you've got to believe the writing was on the wall.  To hear
> him sing "Hello, Satan, I believe it's time to go", and "Baby, I don't care
> where you bury my body when I'm dead and gone" on the night before he died,
> well, you've gotta think part of him knew.  The next to last song was a song
> called China, and I'm unfamiliar with it, but it was slow and sad and
> possibly about junk.  Right after he finished it, he says "You didn't think
> I was gonna leave you like that, did ya?" and plays a rousing version of
> "Summertime Blues."
> Also on this tape was 30 minutes of a jam in the Creem office earlier in '77
> between Peter, Lester Bangs and Pete Stemphel.  A lot of fun. Here's the
> complete tracklisting of both sessions:
> Nocturnal Digressions, 6/21/77
> See No Evil
> Come on in
> Right through your heart
> Calvary Cross
> The Dream
> Slim Slow Slider
> Blank Generation
> Wild Horses
> Do it
> Resistance
> Me and the Devil Blues
> Ain't got you
> Pale Blue Eyes
> China
> Summertime Blues
> Laughner/Bangs/Stemphel:
> Drugstore Cowboy/I'm so bored
> Goodbye Lou
> Cry your blues away
> Heaven
> Seventeen
> "Lester" Ray
> n.p. John Fahey-Live in Tasmania
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