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Re: (TV) "The Night" book

I thought it came out in 1978... anyhow, yes, I've seen copies from time to
time. On Ebay the book seems to go for $30-40 or so; Rockit Scientist records
on Carmine Street in NYC had a copy for sale about a year ago, too, but I can't
remember how much they wanted for it. I have *never* seen a copy signed by
Verlaine, and since Verlaine-signed things seem to be pretty rare, I imagine
that will push up its value considerably.


--- DEEPOP@aol.com wrote:
> anybody know about a book of poetry by both tom verlaine & patti smith called
>  "the night" published by Aloes Books London 1976? i have a copy signed by 
> TV. I am wondering about it's print run, rarity, value, etc. thanks - dee pop

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