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Re: (TV) u2/PIL.

Happy new year everyone,

                                       I worked very briefly with John
Leckie one time and mostly spent it picking his brains for stories about all
the great stuff he had been lucky enough to engineer or produce.What a track
list this guy has!
He said that for PIL's amazing,never bettered "Public Image" all he had to
do was point the mic at Levene's amp and press record-he already had that
fantastic full sound ready and raring to go..!

I'm not mad keen on U2 as a rule but they do have the occasional belting
track eg I have always loved the Edge's solo on "another time another
place"from their debut  (before they got into full scale rip-off mode on
Echo and the Bunnymen!).Anyone else?
Shame Bono is such a wanker all the same...he just seems to be trying so
hard to be cool all the time..if he dropped the facade I think i'd have a
lot more time for him/them.

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