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(TV) catching up with new music

Happy Y2K to all,

Hope everyone had a good one.Have slowly been absorbing music gotten over
the holiday. Like Philip, I've been listening to Bibi Farber's "Firepop",
really great Lloyd-driven guitar pop, indeed. Hats off to Philip for getting
the Stooges 7 cd set, that's love for you. Been going through a big Velvets
phase, finally got "Peel Back And See" and it's staggering. Mike, I look
forward to comparing "Countess of Hong Kong"(cool song, cowritten by Cale
but according to the credits recorded after he left,sadly) with the track
off Beck's new LP. Two big disappointments for me, though, are: 1) the
Velvet Underground & Nico disc is in stereeo, not in mono as the VU site
would lead one to believe, although the inclusion of the single mix of "All
Tomorrow's Parties" is brilliant, giving a small taste of how great the mono
mix of the whole LP must be, and 2) the live version of What Goes On, while
great (from the first performance with Doug Yule), I was hoping it would be
with Cale on organ (Sterling Morrison in Clinton Heylin's book mentions how
different the song felt with Cale on organ, guess there's no tape of such a
version, anyone?) Also got Cale's "Paris 1919". I love it, reminds me of
some of his Island label-mates from the same era, particularly Brian Eno's
brilliant 70's pop records (Taking Tiger Mt. et al), as well as Richard
Thompson's "Henry The Human Fly" and his records with Linda.
Other recent things been listening to of late are Mick Farren's "Vampires
Stole My Lunch Money" (twisted, think Motörhead meets Ian Dury and Captain
Beefheart. Chrissie Hynde sings on this Stiff-related rarity from 1978.
"Bela Lugosi" is a must-hear song.) and Wire's "Pink Flag". Where the hell
was I when this album came out? It passed me by completely. This album/band
is completely innovative in terms of song structure, guitar attack, lyrical
phrasing and content, everything. As arresting an album, in some ways , as
"Marquee Moon". Anyone else agree?
Just so noone thinks I've forgotten, the album playing in my truck on my way
to the new year's fete,2000, was "Marquee Moon" (a tape of my white label
promo, no less) and it sounded as great and inspiring as the first time I
listened to it.
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