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Re: (TV) how many current members?

I agree, small but cozy. I want to make sure we've got all the TV fans out
there - they tend to be dedicated - but at the same time, I know the signal to
noise ratio can get unbearable on some lists, like the Patti Smith 'Babelogue'
list (or the Galaxie 500/Luna list I finally unsubscribed from last month). 

--Philip, who could never figure out the Oliver-bashing on the PS list anyway

--- MICHAEL CARLUCCI <subterraneannyc@mindspring.com> wrote:
>     Small but cozy. With the store here I keep hearing about the
> useless Patti Smith Babbler's List, the Dylan, and the Velvet Underground
> where people wonder how much money Patti makes, incessant berating of one 
> another

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