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Re: (TV) how many current members?

>--Philip, who could never figure out the Oliver-bashing on the PS list anyway

    I'll tell you what the Oliver bashing is all about. It's the Yoko Ono 
syndrome in reverse. These people are so thgreatened by this guy who's 1/2
Patti's age. Who is he to come along and sweep Patti off her feet. If they
know anything about Patti they should know that Patti's always stood behind
her men. Right or wrong they're hers and you better not say anything bad
them. If it wasn't Oliver it was Fred before him who took Patti away from
Now that Fred's no longer with us he's wasn't such a bad sort. Bull. They
the guy. The situation was no different with Alan Lanier, or Sam Shepard, or
Robert Mapplethorpe for that matter. Tom may have been the exception because
he was just a "piece of arse" I believe. But back to Oliver, his playing may
not have been all that wonderful, but I believe his young and inspired
energy helps
create something in that band that most of Patti's contemporaries are
Between Hell & Verlaine I think those guys want to get paid just for waking
in the morning. Patti goes out and "earns her dough". I personally like
I've never felt threatened by him and I believe he's the dominant catalyst
the band. And a necessary catalyst. The people on the babble-list would like
Patti to get the original band back together and let's create the 70's all
again. I think they're all going to be suprised by this new LP "Gung-ho"
it's released in February. Oliver has definitely improved both as a musician
songwriter. He's been working very hard. If the babble-ists don't get over
Oliver thang with this LP then there's no hope for them. No one deserves the
treatment that he was getting from those people. I hope this answers your
question.M T C 

>--- MICHAEL CARLUCCI <subterraneannyc@mindspring.com> wrote:
>>     Small but cozy. With the store here I keep hearing about the
>> useless Patti Smith Babbler's List, the Dylan, and the Velvet Underground
>> where people wonder how much money Patti makes, incessant berating of one 
>> another
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